If I can't fix it, you pay nothing


On all work performed


2-4 Days Average


Micro-soldering circuit board-level repairs

The Repair Process


Take a look at the repair services that I offer and choose the service that most closely matches your issue. Every repair includes a 90 day warranty. I operate a 'no-fix, no-fee' model, so if I'm unable to fix your device, you will not be charged.


I'll provide you with my shipping address to ship your broken device to. Securely package your device and drop it in the mail. Please be sure to write the 'reference number' that I will provide to you somewhere on the box so that I know that it's from you.


Once I receive your device, I will do an initial diagnosis which will be communicated back to you. I will then proceed with the repair. If the repair is successful, you will receive an invoice that will allow you to pay online using a credit card or PayPal. If I'm unable to repair your device, you will be not be charged.


My typical turn-around time is 3-4 days and your device will be sent back promptly after the repair is complete. If I'm unable to successfully repair your device, I will simply mail it back to you.



Choose the repair service that most close matches the issue that you're experiencing with your device: REPAIR SERVICES I will collect information about your issue and then provide an address for you to send your broken device to.

Once I receive your package, I will perform an initial diagnosis of the problem and update you with what I find.

Upon successful completion of the repair, you will receive an invoice from me for the previously quoted amount with an opportunity to pay using a credit card or PayPal. If I'm unable to successfully repair your device, there will be no charge and I will be in-touch with you to get it mailed back to you.

The typical turn-around time on routine repairs is 3-4 days from the time I receive the device. For complex repairs (not limited to: liquid damage, memory issues, processor issues) the turn-around time could be up to 14 days. Either way, you will receive frequent updates with progress checks.

All of my repairs include a 90 day warranty. If your device is in need of a warranty repair, please reach out to me and I will arrange the repair.
Upon successful completion of your repair, you will receive an invoice from me for the quoted amount. This invoice will step you through the process of using a credit card or PayPal to pay for the invoice. If you would like to pay for your invoice using Bitcoin, please let me know and I will happily accept it as a form of payment.
Please be sure to contact me first, so that we can agree on a repair price. I unfortunately cannot accept shipments without prior approval from me.

I will provide you with a shipping address during the initial conversation.

Please mail pre-approved repairs to:

Attn: Brian Boerst
246 2nd St
Unit 604
San Francisco, CA 94105

About Me

I'm super passionate about video games and electronics and I'm fortunate to be able to use the skills that I've acquired to help people. I want to teach practical repair so that I can help other people find their passion as well.

It's unfortunate that we live in a throw-away culture and this culture leads to lots of e-waste filling up our landfills. I believe that the more people that learn how to repair, the better it will be for our environment.

Check out for more information about the Right To Repair movement.